Eugene Tere’blanche, Julius Malema and everyone inbetween

I grew up in a house with a mother on the one hand who accepted all and sundry for who and what they were.  She taught me from an early age that color does not matter, that the blood running through our veins, the organs that make us tick are all the same.

On the other hand, however, I had a stepfather that could instill fear with a mere look.  A very active AWB-member.  A man who believed in “white-power”, who used the “k-word” at every opportunity, who found pleasure in hurting and belitting any person of different color.  We got tagged along to AWB-meetings, had to join the “Kommando”, learn how to use weapons and clean them.

I HATE(D) this man and everything he stood for and out of sheer stubbornness decided that I will not hold these racist beliefs to be my own.

Eugene Tere’blanche was a powerful speaker.  He could drag you in and brainwash you without you realizing what’s happened to you.  You could walk into a meeting completely impartial and walk out fo there fired up and ready to go out and do whatever needs to be done. He was a powerful man for sure.

With much interest I’ve been watching the developments in the country over the recent months.  Julius Malema is a powerful man and reminds me of Tere’blanche in so many ways it’s scary.  The way he can incite a crowd and make them belief.  The way he can sweep you up and make you feel the hatred stemming from years of oppression boil insid eyour blood.  Julius Malema is a powerful man.  A man who holds in his hands more power than he himself realizes.

When I opened the Sunday Times page this morning, as I normally do, I was shocked to read about the murder of Tere’blanche and realized the implications of this act within seconds.

For so many people across the country Tere’blanche’s death means nothing.  Just another murder in a country where it has become as common as shoplifting.  After all, in the Western Cape alone a child was murdered every 3 days over the last year.  Why then should his death be any different?  Why then should his death carry any significance? 

The problem is that on the one hand we have the AWB clan:  a group of men and women, young and old, who still carry with them, in their blood and imprinted in their minds, much like neo-Nazis, that “white-power rules and that everything else should be eliminated, like a plague.  A leaderless clan.

On the other hand we have the ANC Youth League, a group of men and women, young and old, who still carry with them, in their blood and imprinted in their minds, the heritage of hatred and oppression.  A clan lead by Malema.

Now I ask myself which is more dangerous:  a bunch of people, swept up by talk around kitchen tables, with no leader to settle them down, or a group of people incited by one (very powerful) man?

I can only pray that we as a country have grown enough in the past 16 years to see this murder as just another murder.  That sounds horrible, so jaded, but it is a fact:  Tere’blanche in all his power  have become just another South African statistic, and that over a pay dispute.

I can only pray that we, the normal every day people who need to make a living, the people caught between these two camps will be strong enough in numbers and in our beliefs to not get caught up in this big mess.

I can only pray that we can get past this and keep our focus on healing years of wrong doing and building a stronger, better and safer South Africa.  A country to be proud of, citizens who can truly call themselves Proudly South African.

Author: nanuschka

I am a free spirit born in the Free State, 20 years to late. I am Ying and Yang. I am the girl next door who prefers daisies and peace rallies, but can just as easily rock at a rally. I love all things Latin and am sure that in my previous life (if that existed) I was Spanish. The dark side of me, however, tells me that I lived in Mother Russia. I am an over thinker par excellence , in constant search of answers to all things that makes us human. What we do and, more importantly, why we do it. I hope you enjoy my rambles and would love to hear from you. If you like it here, please come back, comment and share. If not, let me not waste another second of your time. All I ask is that you respect my space, be constructive and leave negativity at the door. There is enough of that in this world we live in and yes, in my head too sometimes. Not everything here will be liked or agreed with. Some of it will be downright rude, crazy and straight forward. Not everyone will like me and what goes on in my head, but this is my life and my space. Enjoy the ride

23 thoughts on “Eugene Tere’blanche, Julius Malema and everyone inbetween”

  1. Shame, a pathetic proudly South African Liberal. You are the typical guttsless white South African who helped to vote us in the mess we are now. You are still crying about the so-called WRONG DOINGS of the past, not realizing that the white man never murdered thousands of old black people and women. We never necklaced our own people like the very same people, who together with you, govern this country and propagate a so-called multi-cultural peacefull South-Africa.
    Jy moet wakker word ou maatjie. Jou pa moes jou meer gedonner het toe jy klein was. Of meer medisyne gegee het.
    Liberalism is a sickness which makes you fight with the enemy and betray your own.

    1. Thank you for your input. I hope that you will, in time, see that we are all one, made by the same God from one blood. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  2. Nanuschka, Amen and Amen! I couldn’t have put it better myself.The masses who just want peace for everybody, is caught between 2 (minority) extremists groups, playing power games that’s threatening our chance on a peacefull co-excistence.
    The media is to blame in a sense. They give Malema the publicity he craves and they turned a murdered old man, into a sword waiving martyr, who died fighting for his country!
    I wish they (the 2 groups)would grow up and help build our (hopefully better) future together with the rest of us.

    1. Thank you Antie Koekie. Yes, the media has a big responsibility in this. The fate of the country (that sounds a bit doomsdayish “dun-dun-dun”) rests in the hands of these extremist group and is being fuelled by the media.

  3. Thanx hey for creating this dialogue. l sincerely believe that by rallyng active minds around the need to dialogue in these turbulent times, u r creating a venting process that will difuse simmering racial tensions that appear to rock the nation ever since mr tereblanche`s murder.l am tempted by the current excitement to wax political about the sudden turn of events, not least inspired by a frenzied media whose very life support system seems to be plugged on sensationalisation of all and every issue. But then that will be giving undue attention to the problem, with the sudden spurt of volleys of unsolicited political opinions issuing from every corner and orifice imaginable, any further comments given in this regard would surely approximate to an over-kill. Rather l chose to divert our collective attention to the solution. After all has been said and done-we can scold, belittle, denigrade,fire pot shots at and even kill each other,we can all be sure that none of this is going to remove black and white people in this country-we stil have to coexist as different racial groupings, fated to be neighbours in perpetuity.The choice we have is whether to make good or hostile neighbours whose memories are replete with the horrors visited uppon the other, whose very hands are dripping with each other`s blood. Is that the kind of neighbourhood we the thinking minds wish to create? lf yes then may it please u that this country will surely be delivered bleeding to the next generation.lf no then lets all lend our unfettered support to this unique lady who is seized with a desire to foster peace and tranquility in a racially tolerant neighbourhood.Lets discuss these issues openly as black n white people, talk to your friends, break the barriers, pulverise the acrimony,ring fence the hostility, the time has now come to move on, we cant do without the other-the extreme views of a few group of people can not be allowed to torpedo the relatively thawed racial relations in this country, lets put this behind us and concetrate on peacefully hosting the world cup as a proud rainball nation.

    God bless u all

    1. Weston, thank you for your input in this. Wow, some very powerfull thoughts there. The differences between us will always be there, that is what makes life interesting after all. It is how we deal with those differences and adapt to them that makes our everyday life different. Trying to make them dissappear will get you nowhere. Thanks again for visiting

  4. Fingers crossed that tempers simmer down. You have a great opportunity to impress everyone – especially foreign investors and potential tourists – with the world cup finals coming up. Having been to South African repeatedly in the run up to the tournament and seen how much preparation has been done for it, I hope it’s a huge success.
    (I also hope you win. My team did not qualify, so I can say that. And it was our own fault as much as the “hand of Frog”.)

    1. Thanks for visiting and your input. We indeed have a huge opportunity to show the world what we have to offer. Lets not make it a legacy of hate, chaos and destruction

    1. Hi Idelette, thanks for visisting and commenting. I’m starting to get the feeling that there are enough of us around who want the same thing. Our God is afterall an all-seeing, all-knowing powerfull God. By turning to Him we can get through this

  5. I am so greatful for the positive comments on your post. Sometimes we, the peacemakers, feel like one small candle in a huge dark room. And suddenly you realize other candles, in other rooms, are making a difference, as well.
    May we never lose the drive to do what is right. May we always love the person with god’s love, but condemn the sin, the horrible acts.

  6. Antie Koekie,Nanuschka You are good people, the type who will turn the other cheek when hitten in the face. Just remember we are in a cruel world where the strongest govern. No where in the world the weekest runs a country. We are in Africa which is not a moderate continent. If you are moderate it is interperated as a sign of weekness. God made us different and that will remain so forever. Just think about it, Julius Malema is a Absolute retarded creature, with a very low intellegence. Yet he is represents the majority of black people in this country for only one reason and that is; HE IS RADICAL AND HATE THE WHITES OF S.A. Take my word for it E.T. never hated the black people. His love for his country and his nation, the white South African, made him reacting so harshly that the liberal in S.A. brandered him as a threat to a peaceful surrendering of our beloved country.
    du toit

    1. Du Toit, Thanks for commenting again. I fully believe that every one is entitled to their own opinion, another one of God’s greatest gifts to us: The ability to make up and speak our own minds. As you put in your first comment “miskien moes my pa my meer gedonner het…” Dit is juis oor ek so gedonner was dat ek vandag is wie ek is en die standpunt ingeneem het. Maybe if he did not try to force me into racist beliefs it would have been different, but I am just way too stubborn for that! I agree with you, the strong will survive, but sometimes it takes the little guy’s help to move a mountain. Maybe, just maybe, if we can find enough people in this country who wants to focus on making it a better place rather than filling their own pockets and carrying hate and resentment with them, we can make a difference after all

  7. Du Toit, thank you, but we are not “good” because we are weak. We stand strong in our believe that the God that you mention, my God, taught us to stand strong against anything that’s wrong.Jesus taught us to love your enemy; to fight the bad with good.
    And I know that there are tough times ahead for all of us, but if you put your trust in God—–“even that bad times are good”, as the old 60’s song said.
    I, for one, is not naive. I’m not brainless or stupid either, but I know I’m safe if I trust in the Almighty God alone.

  8. These are interesting times.When people in leadership say things, there is a false belief that they represent the people, tey do not.They represent themselves.

    Terre Blanche did not represent many white people.

    Ju Ju does not represent all Africans. He may not be correct, may not be wrong. However there are Africans who do not identify with his sayings and we need to bear that in mind

    Thank you for the blog

  9. all people are the same color does not mean anything rich or poor we are the same form one creator, God. South Africans should united to show the world that they are capable of being a one nation with the world cup in jus 2 months!!

  10. Oh my hat !
    Mr Eugene used to give these stunning Dingaan’s day numbers at the Ventersdorp veesterrein in his youth. Die hele groot vrek aksie. His dad, an extremely hard man, guided him to shoot boer neighbour’s cattle because they could not pay graze rental. Perhaps it was then when his gay-born self came to the fore. The white orphan he took in saw his gat. His poor wife was restricted to the town dwelling. A marvelous Christian woman. Was his black bed-mates a racial purification issue ? Or the Klifdrift on his Kommandos ? The APK must stop their blatant huigelary. My goodness, imagine not allowing blacks(humans) into a church of the Christian God ?

  11. You cannot speak hatred and supremacy and not get noted by a hater and a suprimacist. Just like there are white suprimacists there are also black suprimacists. and in the end, they meet each other..tragically.
    Speak love my dear’ll meet love

  12. south africans should focus on the bigest event that is coming to the coutry rather than waisting time on the political propaganda that is only spoiling our happiness about the fifa world cup so lets all be a unit and be a happy nation

  13. I have been looking around and really am impressed by the exceptional content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I have been coming right here for the past couple nights and reading. I simply wanted to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I have seen and I look ahead to reading more.

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