Blue Magic!

I woke up this morning with the dreaded knowledge that it is Tuesday.  Oh, how I have come to dislike Tuesday’s!  Used to be my favorite day as “blue Monday” was behind me and I could carry on with the week.  Nowadays, however, Monday’s are my favorite, because we all now love Blue Mondays – Elvis Blue Mondays.  Tuesday’s on the other hand, oh they suck!

Even though we know that Elvis is our favorite and we know that he will make it big, no matter what, still the idea that he might have the least amount of votes just nags at you all day.  So today is yet again that day and how important this, the final hurdle is!

Tonight’s result will mean that we know who will be in the final.  My money is on Elvis Blue (of course) and L’loyd Cele.

Today started a bit different though with Elvis being on KFM Breakfast Live!  He once again showed why he should be crowned SA Idol 2010.  He is so humble, sincere and that voice!  He can sing, there is no doubt about it. Blue Magic unfortunately caused some havoc this morning as all the girls had to reach for their Kleenex once again and doing a quick make-up check before facing their colleagues.

So thanks Elvis for turning the dreaded Tuesday into a brighter one and by the way, you better make sure they bring out loads of copies of your first CD, it won’t last a week on the shelves, that much I can guarantee you.