Home Stretch

Well guys, Elvis made it to the final! No surprise there, but still such a relieve.

We are now in the home stretch and voting lines are open for the final spectacular.  The final two, Elvis Blue and L’loyd Cele, will be doing a 3-stop country wide tour this weekend and you can catch Elvis at the following events: Fury William Nicol Ford Dealership on Friday, live at the Currie Cup Final on Saturday and finally, Canal Walk Cape Town on Sunday.

To join his fan page, simply follow this link.  You will be glad you did.  At 18:55 last night we hit the 15 000 mark, at 07:20 this morning we were standing on 15 642 and now, 08:00, we’ve reached the 15 715 mark.

There is also a prayer group that you can join, follow this link.  A very uplifting place where we carry Elvis in our prayers.  Thanks Tanya!

Lastly, and most importantly, voting info:

  • Easiest and cheapest is via Mxit – load Mxit on your phone as follows – Go to http://www.mxit.co.za/wap – go to tradepost, mnet.  It will then load the Mnet Icon to your contacts, which will give you an option to vote.  Elvis is option no 1!  To convert airtime to moola, go to Joe Banker and select buy moola and follow the short instructions.  You will need 20 moola per vote so R20 will buy you 100 votes.
  • Phone 083 901 2210 from your mobile.  This costs about 10c per call, if you call off-peak and depending on the package that you are on, so I would suggest you do a balance enquiry, call once and then a balance enquiry again to check.  It literally takes 4 seconds per call.
  • Phone 086 227 7710 from your landline
  • SMS 10 to 37400

There you have it folks!  Happy voting and please get all your friends to vote!