What a weekend, baby!

You might want to grab a cup of coffee before you carry on here, this is going to be a long one.  When I did my last post on Friday, I never imagined the weekend to turn out so absolutely fantabulistically wonderful!!!

Saturday I had the most amazing time out with my hubby.  Babe, you rocked my world once again and showed me why I first fell in love you 13 years ago!  The farewell party was coupled with the Currie Cup Final and as you might now ;-0 THE SHARKS ARE CURRIE CUP CHAMPIONS!!!  Well done to the boys, you made us proud to be supporters.  It was such a sweet victory, sitting with about 200 other people of which only 10 of us were Sharks supporters!

Sunday morning it was up early to get ready for meeting Elvis Blue at Canal Walk.  We arrived at the event 2 hours before opening of the seats after having driven 150km to get there.  I was the first in line and it paid off.  At 13:30 when seating opened I had a front row seat right in the centre of all the action.  I was so happy, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen…

L’loyd Cele was out on stage first and had the crowd buzzing.  He has a wonderful stage personality and I must add that TV does not do his voice justice.  He is a lot better in person that on TV.  This guy is an entertainer of note and really knows how to work the crowd.  His second song was Push me to the Floor by the Parlotones and all the while he was mingling with the crowd.  When it came to the last verse he walked straight up to me, took my hand and serenaded me.  He held my hand the whole time while singing, looking me in the eye as if each word was meant for me.  I was so blown away that I unfortunately did not hear a word of it.  He almost had me in tears and all I could see was all the cameras flashing!  Straight after a photographer from Cape Argus approached me and asked for an interview after the show.  His first question: “so how long have you known L’loyd?”  I sheepishly replied that I’ve never met him before.  L’loyd Cele, you blew me away and made me feel 16 again!  I also heard that it might be shown on the Idols Final to be broadcast tonight.  My 5 minutes of fame, hey?

Then it was Elvis’ turn.  The crowd went wild!!!  Looking back over the crowd, all I could see was a sea of blue.  In part it was to be contributed to the fact that Elvis fans showed up all dressed in blue (even my son’s hair was sprayed an electric blue).  In part however, it was thanks to M-Net.  They distributed flags with the Elvis’ and L’loyd’s names and pictures for the crowd to wave in support of their Idol.  Unfortunately for them they were all printed in blue.   Words fail me, it feels that I would do him an utter injustice with my inability to put to words the feelings that he is able to conjure from my soul.  He had to crowd completely mesmerized.  His style is so completely different from L’loyd’s.  He has a way to pin you down with his voice, make you listen and discover those feelings that have been buried deep inside for so long.  He takes a song and put a real meaning to it.  In my view anyone can come up with a song that will be a hit on the radio and in the clubs for 3 months, but it takes a real artist to take a song and put a meaning to it.  Elvis can do just that!

After the performances autographs and photos were done.  Whenever we see or hear interviews that have been done with Elvis, it strikes me how humble and sincere he sounds.  Well, let me tell you, the man is the most humble, jovial, sincere person I have ever had the honour of meeting.  In the 3 minutes that I was able to spend with him, he thanked me no less than 3 times for my support.  When I told him how far we came to see him, he took his Live your Dream band right of his arm and gave it to me.  So not only did I get to meet him, get his autograph and photo with him, but I also received a “personal item”.  Oh, I feel like a real “rock band groupie”.  His love for children really shines through whenever he meets one.  My son was scared that we would not get the opportunity to meet him, but when Elvis saw him (3 people down the line), he called him to stand next to him and they had a nice little chat!  That made my kiddo’s day and he could not stop talking about it.

In a perfect world, I would love to see Elvis and L’loyd team up to do a couple of songs.  They can really make it work and the crowds will love it.

Then the long drive home and we still made it in time to watch their final performance.  Of course, once again Elvis had me in tears.  His rendition of Hallelujah was the best I’ve ever heard and the new single, Things My Father Said, is amazing.

So, that was my weekend.  There is also something else that came to be as a result of meeting Elvis, unfortunately I cannot say too much about it at this stage, but it is promising to be huge!

That’s a wrap from me.  Hope you had a weekend almost as good as mine.

Author: nanuschka

I am a free spirit born in the Free State, 20 years to late. I am Ying and Yang. I am the girl next door who prefers daisies and peace rallies, but can just as easily rock at a rally. I love all things Latin and am sure that in my previous life (if that existed) I was Spanish. The dark side of me, however, tells me that I lived in Mother Russia. I am an over thinker par excellence , in constant search of answers to all things that makes us human. What we do and, more importantly, why we do it. I hope you enjoy my rambles and would love to hear from you. If you like it here, please come back, comment and share. If not, let me not waste another second of your time. All I ask is that you respect my space, be constructive and leave negativity at the door. There is enough of that in this world we live in and yes, in my head too sometimes. Not everything here will be liked or agreed with. Some of it will be downright rude, crazy and straight forward. Not everyone will like me and what goes on in my head, but this is my life and my space. Enjoy the ride

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