Look Ma, no hands!

Watching the Olympics a couple of weeks ago were inspirational enough. It was such an amazing showcase of what we are capable of as humans. Seeing Chad le Clos and Michael Phelps in the pool and Husain Bolt and Oscar Pistorius on the track really got me thinking about what I do with my body. It actually got me to the point of dusting of my running shoes, however, I never did get round to actually putting them on and doing something about it.

Isn’t that just exactly the way it goes with inspirational books, movies, quotes, etc. We read them and go out guns blazing: today I’m becoming the person I can be, today I’m changing my life, my circumstance will no longer hold me back. It goes well for a week, maybe two. Sadly though, we fall back into a dark hole of self pity, “life owes me”. You know where I’m going right? Come on, be honest, we’ve all been there.

Watching the Paralympics have been a completely different experience all together! I’ve cried countless times for the guts and determination shown by each and every athlete competing there. The cherry on top was the 50m Men’s Backstroke last night. If you haven’t yet seen it, do yourself and a favor and go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHnNqLglxwl. To see what these guys accomplish have me speechless. Junquan He is my new hero. Even though he only got silver, his performance was a stellar one! He will outswim me on any given day!

And again, like so many times before, I woke this morning with an undeniable sense of there is more to life.

I have a brilliant mind, I am healthy, I am able! What am I doing with my life? How am I using my God-given talents? Why am I denying my own ambition? I have all of the resource at my disposal to make something of the precious life given to me. I have the power to be the best I can be!

God knows, if Junquan He can do a 50m Backstroke with no arms, I certainly can do more than just this mere existence!

Author: nanuschka

I am a free spirit born in the Free State, 20 years to late. I am Ying and Yang. I am the girl next door who prefers daisies and peace rallies, but can just as easily rock at a rally. I love all things Latin and am sure that in my previous life (if that existed) I was Spanish. The dark side of me, however, tells me that I lived in Mother Russia. I am an over thinker par excellence , in constant search of answers to all things that makes us human. What we do and, more importantly, why we do it. I hope you enjoy my rambles and would love to hear from you. If you like it here, please come back, comment and share. If not, let me not waste another second of your time. All I ask is that you respect my space, be constructive and leave negativity at the door. There is enough of that in this world we live in and yes, in my head too sometimes. Not everything here will be liked or agreed with. Some of it will be downright rude, crazy and straight forward. Not everyone will like me and what goes on in my head, but this is my life and my space. Enjoy the ride

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