Afkaq Terrorists on Vokov Air – I Love South Africa!!!

Thanks to eTV and O Shucks I’m Gatvol, I have a very tired and cranky almost-11 year old this morning!

Luke’s bedtime is at 9 PM.  Last night we started watching the movie and when it got to bed time he begged and pleaded to watch just a little more.  And then just a little more and then some.

Eventually I caved (bad parenting I know) and by the end of the movie we were both crying.  After I managed to calm Luke down, he said that he wanted to write Mr Schuster a letter:

Dear Mr Schuster

 Thank you so so very much for your wonderful movie.  I wish we could see more movies like this one.  Even if it made me very sad, I really enjoyed it.  It made me cry but I laughed more, the farting guy in the plane was the best prank ever!  I also wanted to move to Australia and even support their rugby just because our country is sometimes a very ugly place with a lot of hate and fighting.  But you made me remember me that this is still the most perfect place in the whole world.  Because of your movie I remember why I love South Africa.  I love your movie and will buy the next one you make. 


There you have it folks, through the eyes of a child.  South Africa is not so bad after all, just stop and smell the roses from time to time!