It’s a Text, Text, Text World

I do not have the gift of gab. I don’t do small talk.
Today’s Daily Prompt asks the question: how do you communicate differently online than in person, if at all?

Do you know that feeling when what you think, what you mean to say, comes out completely wrong when you open your mouth?

Well, that’s me, nine times out of ten, at least. I always have an answer in my head, but when I try to say those words, it’s is a different story altogether. My tongue gets taken over by some alien being, which then translates the words into something completely different.

I am the one who shies away from small talk, who stutters over words when asked a sudden question, who knows what to say ten minutes after the conversation is over. I am the wallflower at the party, watching and listening.

When I write, it is as if the aliens disappear and my thoughts become coherent. I can put two sentences together and it just flows.

Writing to me is freedom! I can say what I want and take as long as I want without interruption. Can I go live in a monastery somewhere and take a vow of silence please?

When I think, when I write, it all makes sense.

Talking is overrated anyway. What do you think?