Daily Prompt – Evasive Action

Uncle Charlie is so nice, oh I love him so much! Today is my birthday, I am 5 now. He just brought me a new tea set for Princess Chloe! He promised that we can sit down for a tea party later. Oh, I can’t wait.

Uncle Charlie is angry, Daddy is shouting ‘No, no, no!’, Mommy is telling him to keep quiet, family is family and we need to help each other. I hope we will still be have the tea party later, what is going on?

Best news ever! Uncle Charlie is going to live with us! Just for a little while. He still looks so sad. I know, I will give him a hug! He squeezes me tight, too tight, he is so strong. His kisses me and his breath smells funny, ew!!! his tough slipped in between my lips. ‘Good girl’ he says ‘only you can make me feel better!’

It’s very late when uncle Charlie wakes me up. The house is quiet and I can hear mommy snore. She says she doesn’t snore, but I like the sound of it, it is sort of like a kitten purring. He is going to let me watch a movie with him. A treat for making him feel better. I don’t understand this movie. The big people are all naked and saying funny things. I sit on Uncle Charlie’s lap and he sounds like he’s been out for a jog. I get tired and wakes up suddenly when he touches my bum. ‘C’mon princess time to go to bed. Remember not to tell mommy or daddy, it is your special treat and they won’t want you to be awake so late.’. I’m so glad uncle Charlie is smiling again.

Two months later and uncle Charlie is still with us. I don’t like it anymore. Uncle Charlie wants to play games that I don’t like. Sometimes he hurts me. I tried to tell mommy, but she slapped me and said I was a naughty girl for lying. Later she was shouting at uncle Charlie, he got mad and smashed my tea set into pieces.

Today is my birthday, I am 6 today. I don’t want to grow up anymore. I don’t want to be a good girl or a special girl anymore. I wished I could die so I smashed Princess Chloe to pieces. Everything is wrong since daddy left. Mommy also smells funny now and uncle Charlie hits her in the head all the time. Mommy does not like me anymore. I wish uncle Charlie will stop liking me too.

I am almost 7 now. Mommy got sick, she told them she fell down. I know that it is a lie. Uncle Charlie hit her too hard on the head, now she is in hospital. Uncle Charlie said it’s my fault because I messed on the floor. He says it is my fault mommy can’t take care of him. He says I will have to fix it.

I am 7, I am a big girl and I am going to school soon. I am a big girl and no-one can hurt me. I am a big girl and I don’t want to play games anymore.
Bang-Bang. Bang-Bang.

Uncle Charlie will not hurt us anymore.

This is not my secret , but an all too common secret in our society.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing any form of abuse, do something!

When these atrocities happen, it is not your fault. You are not to blame. If you don’t do something, you are just another Uncle Charlie!

Have the balls to act before it is too late.