May I pleased be Excused!?!?

I thoroughly enjoy reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race. Today, however, I had the unfortunate experience of watching Excused. What a load of rubbish. I honestly felt like my ears and eyes were about to start bleeding by the time it was finished. Why did I then bother to sit through it then? Only to see if there was one single person with a shred of dignity or moral values.

If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate position of knocking on the door of the Hollywood mansion, here are the simple rules to not be excused:
Leave all moral values and dignity at the sidewalk.
Dress like something that was picked up on a dodgy corner (very) late at night.
Be prepared to make the first move – intimate kissing is required on the first date.
Be as fake as possible
Take lap dancing lessons

Seriously?!?! Not a single man or woman who appeared on the show showed any concern for the real things that make a relationship work.

Why am I writing this? I would like to hear from anyone who ever “found love” on Excused to let me know how it panned out. Please, I beg you!

Until I can find a single person like that, these are the dating shows game rules I will adhere to:

Stay away from a reality show where you are supposed to find “the love of your life”! Face the reality of real relationships in the real world. Stay true to yourself and the right person will eventually make his way to your door.

The real “final frontier”

OK, I’m just going to come out and say it. I know I will probably get a lot of flack from some very intelligent people on this, but I hope, at the very least, to have some agree with me.

What’s the deal with space? I don’t get it. Why would companies spend billions to send some people on a one-way trip to Mars?

I have (grudgingly) seen every movie in the long line of Star Trek / Star Wars sagas. Don’t ask me which one has a prequel to the prequel, which one has Luke Skywalker and his evil dad or which one has Captain Kirk with his speech about “Space the final frontier”.

I get it: it’s big, no wait, vast. There is tons to be discovered. There are constellations to be figured out and planets to be conquered. What’s the big deal though?

For me there are two aspects to be considered, two arguments if you will, why we should not even bother.

So much to discover
Planet Earth, our home, has so much to offer, so much to be figured out and discovered. I think we have become just so blasé about what we have, that we don’t notice the opportunities at hand. Is their one person on earth who can tell me that they know every single plant with all it’s uses and health benefits? Any person who have figured out how to create reliable, renewable, cheap and sustainable energy? Anyone who have traveled every inch of the planet, learned every language, understood every culture, practiced every religion?

So much to do
How many people are homeless or hungry?
How many children are illiterate and have no access to schooling?
How many people have no access to running water or inside toilets?
How many people are dying of curable diseases? For that matter, how many people don’t have any access to any medical care whatsoever?
How much is needed for HIV / AIDS or Cancer research?

It is very idealistic to think that we can eradicate poverty or disease, but can’t we at least try – harder? What gives us the right to conquer and invade other planets, when we can’t even manage our own?

When you have done all these things, plus the many more I have not even thought off, come to me. Maybe I will be convinced, but until then I maintain that space is not our final frontier, but humanity is.

Once we can learn and teach tolerance for all race, religion, sexual orientation or background, then I will say we have evolved enough to venture into the unknown that is space.

Feed your senses

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.)

What a very personal peek into the life’s of bloggers. I am sure we will have countless laughs about the posts to follow this prompt!

These were my exact words to my family before I went to bed last night:

“The one who dares to wake me up early WILL suffer the consequences. They will be dire. It is Saturday, I want to sleep in. Leave me alone or suffer!”

Imagine my delight when my day started at 06:30!

The first words I heard this morning. “Angel, what’s the password to your phone? Luke wants to play games.”.

The first thing I saw this morning. “Enter Password. 7 Attempts made, 3 Left before device will be wiped.”

The first thing I smelled this morning. Mmmm. I was hoping it would be coffee, but again my hopes were dashed. As I waited for the kettle to boil, the smell slowly drifted into the kitchen. The near toxic remains of last night’s dinner released in the form of gas by my other half. I swear, if you looked closely, you could see the air turn green!

The first thing I tasted this morning. Ah, coffee, at last! My day can start!

The first thing I felt this morning. Crazy or smelly, they are my family and I love them to bits!