You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

I really had to think about this one!


Sunrise, sunset.  A cloudy sky or full moon on a starry starry night.  Endless mountain stretches or the Karoo.  The slow breath of the ocean or a waterfall.  Seeing Luke change into the man I know he will be.  Never reading again.   I could not do without any of these!


The song of birds early in the morning or the hoot of an owl in the dark of night.  Rain drops pattering on the roof or the shrieks of children playing hide-and-seek.  The voices of my parents or my love telling me how much I mean to him.  The rumbling thunder or the lightning cracking in the sky.  I could not do without any of these!


Coffee, wine, chocolates, food, pudding, cheese, figs – too many to name!  I could not do without any of these!


The first raindrops on sand baked hot by a relentless sun.  A freshly cut lawn.  Cookies baking in the oven.  My mother’s perfume or father’s cologne.  Luke’s sweaty young boy smell when he hugs me after school or dirty socks.  Flowers and pine cone’s.  Morning breath of someone you love.  I could not do without any of these!


The bark of a tree or dusty walls of a dilapidated building.  The sun on my skin or the breeze in my hair.  Arms hugging tight or lips brushing.  The warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night.  Sleeping in your lover’s arms.  I could not do without any of these!

Keep your potion mystery man!  Stay away from my world, I want to experience it all.

Rest in Peace Vuyo Mbuli

It was with utter shock that we learned of Vuyo’s death on Saturday.  This life is indeed one which ended too soon.


Vuyo made his television debut in 1993 and for the past 9 years he has been gracing our screens as presenter of Morning Live.  His smile, the twinkle in his eyes, compassion for humanity and trademark “Sharp, Sharp!” will be dearly missed.  The one thing that stood out for me was his passion for his country.  He never went on air without a South African flag pinned to his collar.  When people spoke of their grand visits to other countries, it was shrugged of with better tales of the different places in South Africa to visit.  His passion and love for the country shone through when he started every news bulletin by greeting viewers in all 11 languages.  That is what I will miss.

This morning we expected the normal presenters of Morning Live to have taken the day off.  Instead they came out and paid loving tributes.  The show had to go on.

Vuyo was as much part of our mornings as breakfast and coffee.  Luke said it best:

“Mommy, my morning does not feel right.  I’ve started every morning of my entire life (he’s almost 11) watching that guy to the news”

Rest in Peace Vuyo, you served your country well.  You served humanity well.  Thank you for all you have done!


The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to share a photo that means “Escape”

Jacques and I discovered this little cove 10 minutes away from home.  It’s a bit of climb, but so worth it.

IMG-20130106-00140 IMG-20130106-00139

When you sit down at the water’s edge, you can hear nothing but the rumble of the ocean.  No cars or humans in sight, it is the perfect escape from everyday life.

Jerseys 4 Jozi

I received a tweet from one of twitter followers, @jeffzurel, this morning about a very worthy cause.

We are going into winter now in SA and the homeless are always affected the worse.  Jerseys 4 Jozi is a non-profit organization who came up with a fantastic concept:


There manifesto reads as follows:

The Joburg winter is tough – but so are we.
We’re also a giving, caring city,
Reaching out to one another every day.

We’re for not-so-random acts of kindness,

For spreading warmth and happiness
And believing in the power of you and me.

Because a jersey isn’t just a sum of threads,

It’s a gift of warmth,
And an essential for survival.

So we’re about quality,

Giving aid with pride,
And adding value to lives.

What we feel, we feel with heart

What we do, we do with purpose
And what we give, we give with a smile

​We believe in the cause because we care about the people of Jozi

And we spread warmth because we’re cold without it.

With some big sponsors behind them, they are able to make a little bit of warmth a reality for those in need.

They have a couple of big sponsors behind them like ABSA, Internet Solutions, Mazars and Werksmans Attorneys.
To read more or, even better, get involved visit them at http://www.jerseys4jozi.org/
They are also on facebook and twitter.
For only R300 you can get a really nice top and help someone who could never afford it.
Get involved now, you will be a better person for it!