You receive a gift that is bittersweet and it makes you nostalgic.  What is it?

I am going to veer slightly off course with this one and instead write about a gift that I would like to pass to the children of the world.

It is with great sadness that I have been listening to the news lately.  There are just so many bad things and bad people out there.  Things we never had as children.  Over lunch today we were chatting about the Justice System and what it used to mean to us growing up.  Our world has turned evil and I am afraid for Luke and all the other children out there.  It makes me want to be a paranoid mother, shielding my son forever from the world.

With nostalgia I remembered the reverence we had for the police when I was a child.  My dad worked as a Police Reservist at the time and his uniform (and especially the police issue belt that came out when our ears stopped working) was something that we admired.  It was something we looked up to.  Today you see videos and hear stories of policemen and -woman beating up people, stealing their belongings and raping woman who come into the charge office.

When the Magistrate drove past you, you automatically wanted to walk more upright to proof you are a worthy citizen.  Today they are on strike, demanding higher wages, because they don’t get enough from their corrupt dealings.

I wish I could give my son the world I had when I was only 10.   I fear for what he will know and see before he reaches adulthood.  I fear for his children.

It’s not difficult to make me cry, but today I cried because I know that we, our parents and their parents before them, have failed the future.  We got so caught up with doing things “right for us” that we had no regard for the future.  Now we are stuck in a world with very little self-respect and virtually no respect for other human beings.  Dignity and moral values are so scarce; it is laughed at as being “old fashioned”.

What do we do to fix this?  How do we fix the broken human spirit?  How do we change it around?

I don’t know and it makes me sad.  I am nostalgic about the world as we knew.  It will never be available to our children.

SA Justice is a joke!

If you want cool, calm and collected be warned:  this post is not for you!  Please feel free to browse through my other “feel good” posts, but this one will not be one of those.


I am totally enraged at the complete and utter failure of the so-called Justice System in South Africa.  Once again, it has managed to fail a victim.  Anene Booysen’s name has already been added to the long lists of dead and raped victims in our country.  We are after all the Rape Capital of the world.  How sickening is that!  Now, her name can also be added to the never ending list of victims who have been failed by a system, which is supposed to be in place to protect.


For those of you who don’t know Anene Booysen’s tragic story, let me enlighten you.  At the tender age of 17, Anene went out partying with friends not far from her house on the 1st of February 2013.  In the early morning hours of 2 February 2013, a security guard found her.  She had been gang-raped, beaten to a pulp and disemboweled.  They managed to get her to a hospital and after hours of struggling, she passed away.  Her life taken, her family destroyed.  Before she died, however, she managed to name one of her attackers, Jonathan Davids, and old family friend.

The attack was condemned by President Jacob Zuma and countless organisations and individuals added their voice.  We had CNN, BBC and Skynews, to name the major players, descend on the little town of Bredasdorp.  The United Nations added their voice and Annie Lennox headed up a protest march in Anene’s honor.

Why the outrage?

The State have just withdrawn their case against Jonathan Davids, he is a free man and left to carry on with his life.


Now, these are the facts that I don’t give a rat’s ass about:

I don’t care whether they might have felt that she led them on!  No girl will want this to happen to her, I don’t care who says what.

I don’t care whether, as is speculated, he has turned State Witness!  He was no witness to the attach.  If he stood by and watched it happen, he is as much of a dog turd as the guys who did it.  Where were her rights?

I don’t care whether, as is speculated, she identified him in error.  Do you honestly think that she would have thought, in her dying moments, who can I screw over for this and then pick a name?

How many more woman and children need to have their lives destroyed before the Justice System will actually do what it is supposed to do.

I am sick to my stomach.  Literally.

We are reaching a boiling point, a point where the community will start to take justice into their own hands.  How are we supposed to have any faith in our Justice System?  Government beware:  You are at the brink of a revolution.  You better act fast!

Your life is NOW!

Stop! Take just one minute, 60 seconds, and think about the good things you have.

Not what you want, not where you want to go, not what you don’t have. Just focus on what you have.

Note from the Universe:
You have been blessed with a great number of gifts. Your insights, good taste, and savoir-faire. Friends who adore you, elements that support you, and spiritual laws that serve you. Yet, in my book at least, what really takes the cake is that you get to be you.

You woke up this morning – that is 24 hours of possibility waiting just for you to grab it!

Your life is happening right now. Take it, it’s yours! Now, not tomorrow or next year, right now!

Go make Now count!