Good Food and Wine Show

A heartfelt thank you! goes out to Peter Feldman for the Good Food and Wine Show Tickets. It was an amazing experience!

I must admit, however, that I felt like a bit of a traitor for attending the show straight after I did the March against Monsato. I found it a bit ironic too that, on the same day in the same city, awareness was being created about the food industry. Only, it is two completely opposite ends of the food spectrum.

So, what was I going to do at the Good Food and Wine Show? My initial thought was to just go and report on the different delicacies on offer. After attending the march, however, I felt compelled to look deeper. Entering the Convention Centre I had one goal in sight: find healthy, wholesome foods and products. Non Genetically Modified food sources, food which could actually feed the body nutrients as opposed to harming the body.

I was surprised at the number of exhibitors who focused on healthy living and healthy eating. One more thing, before we get down to business. Apart from the entry tickets to the show being provided by Peter Feldman, none of the companies or products listed below has requested to be mentioned, nor have I received any form of compensation from them. These are purely my opinions. So, without any further a due, herewith my winners of the 2013 Good Food and Wine Show, in no particular order:

1. G F Foods (York) Ltd
Feel Free will start distribution of their products in South Africa within the next 3 / 4 months. All products are Gluten and Wheat Free. The products also contain no GMO’s. Herewith a list of their products on offer:
 Feel Free Home Baking (Bread, Sponge Cake, Brownies and Muffin mixes as well as All Purpose Flour). I consider myself to be somewhat of a Brownie expert and Luke eagerly volunteered to judge the muffins. YUMMY! Soft, moist, tasty, decadent.
 Feel Free Pasta (gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and egg free)
 Feel Free Italian Ready Meals
 Feel Free Easter Ready Meals
 For the love of Savory: Feel Free Indulgence and Freedom – a variety of pastries and pies
 For the Sweet Tooth: Feel Free Classic Deserts, Sweet Bakery and Christmas.

Stuart Allister, Operations Director, commented on the state of the Health Care Food Industry, and especially that in South Africa. It is a very sad that once a products is labeled healthy, the price doubles or triples even. I can simply not understand why it should be more expensive to feed healthy than it is to fill your body with toxins. I guess we have to thank “Big Brother” for that. I can’t wait for the Feel Free products to become available in SA!

For more information contact them via any of the following channels:

2. Home for Health
The Home for Health Sprout Kit is a wonderful concept and I truly hope that I will be in a position to purchase one of these in the (very) near future! The kit allows you to grow your own sprouts in the comfort of your own home and have them at hand whenever you need them. The kit includes everything needed to start sprouting today. What also interested me was the Wheat grass kit with Juicer. One shot of wheat grass juice a day is all you need to get all the minerals and nutrients that you would get from roughly 2 pounds of leafy greens. It also looks pretty and will add some live to any kitchen. All pricing includes free postage packaging in South Africa.

For more information contact Claire Wright on
+27 21 785 4331

3. Fry’s Family Pop’s – Luke and I have decided that this would be our all time new favourite snack!
Wally and Debbie Fry – committed vegetarians, entrepreneurs and philanthropists –started the company to bring good food, great taste naturally. Their products are all meat, egg and diary free, No GMO’s, No MSG’s No artificial colorants, no hydrogenated fats, no trans fats, no preservatives. Endorsed by the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies of the UK, Kosher, Halaal, Shuddha, FDA Approved and Best Buy Label in the UK (based on company ethics).

Unfortunately we only got the taste the Pop’s, but that was good enough! I don’t know how it is done, but it tastes exactly like chicken. KFC Chicken Nuggets have nothing on these. I can’t wait to taste the rest of their products on offer.

For availability, to learn more of Wally’s global quest or any further information contact them on
+27 31 700 3022

4. Curds and Whey Farm Yoghurt
100% Home Made full cream, plain yoghurt with no preservatives, stabilisers or added sugars. We could try the plain yoghurt with some pure honey and it is delicious. They had berries, custard and cream with yoghurt, chocolate with yoghurt, muesli with yoghurt and a whole lot more on display. According to the owner, whose name I shamefully did not get(!), they make excellent lunch box substitutes for children.
The products are currently stocked in only a handful of shops in and around Cape Town, but online orders can be done too.

For more information contact them on
+27 82 462 6422

5. The last is not a food product but a high quality health product
Lavender in Lavender Hill offers all natural body and foot products designed with a social conscience. The products were created to enable the upliftment of the Lavender Hill community – a community known better for gangsterism, drugs and unemployment. 15% of the Company’s annual net profit is donated to various initiaves in the community to help fight these problems.

All products are hand crafted and made from only the highest quality natural and organic incredients. The products include:
 Lavender Tea
 Essential Lavender Oil
 Foot Rub
 Lip Balm
 Moisturiser

For any further information contact them on
facebook: lavender in lavender hill
Marcelle +27 82 357 7613
Cherylene +27 83 598 8998

Looking forward to next year’s show, where hopefully the health food industry will be represented I higher numbers still!

Cape Town Sends message to Monsato

“Hell No GMO. GMO, we have the right to know!”

These were the words chanted by around 600 marchers who took to the streets of Cape Town today. The objective? Send a clear message to Monsato. A message to let them know that the people have had enough of the sugar coated stories being fed to them. The global march saw 330 cities in 41 countries – over 200 000 people – take to the streets. Enough is enough!

What is the fuss all about? This was the question being asked by onlookers. I personally spoke to 12 people who had never heard of Monsato or GMO’s. Ignorance? No, but I will get to that later. Let’s cover the basics first.

Who is Monsato?
Monsato is a giant US corporation who make GMO’s as well as highly toxic chemicals including pesticides, plastics and artificial food additives. Bottom line: They don’t really care about what they feed how, how it affects you or who they have to destroy to get a monopoly of the market. All that matters to them is who they can corrupt on the route to stuffing their pockets. They are the creators of a long list of harmful products, but I will list just a view:

    Aspartame – Think you are doing OK by substituting your sugar for sweetener? Think again. If your sweetener contains Aspartame you are poisoning your body (especially your brain) with every sip! Thank Monsato!
    DDT – Remember Agent Orange which deformed over 500 000 babies? Thank Monsato!
    rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) – a completely synthetic hormone injected into lactating cows to drastically increase milk production. Thank Monsato!
    MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – basically “preservatives”. Think Parmesan cheese, tinned products, dried soup and sauce mixes, KFC, MacDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut. Positively linked to obesity, diabetes, autism and many more diseases. Thank Monsato!
    GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) – plants and animals which have been grown in laboratories. Yip, apparently Mother Nature is no longer capable of producing edible, nutritious food sources, so we have to grow them in labs. If this does not bother you, then the direct link between GMO’s and at least 29 diseases such as hormonal defects, sterility, birth defects, DNA damage and a host of deadly cancers also should be of no concern. Wow, thank Monsato!

So you think GMO’s don’t affect you? Check your kitchen cupboard quickly. If you are eating anything with the following ingredients, you and your kids are most probably eating GMO’s:
Corn, maize, soy, alfalfa, cotton, sugar beets, gem squash, peas, potatoes, papaya, zuchinni and canola.

Let’s make it simpler. Here are some of the everyday products which contains GMO’s:
Purity Baby Foods, Kellogs Cornflakes, Amazon Cornflakes, Pronutro, Cerelac Honey Baby Cereal, Future Life, Pringles, Snacker Bars, Jungle Oats Health Bars, Impala Maize Meal, Snowflake Self-Raising Flour, bread. The list is endless.

If you are still not sure whether you want to expose your kids to this, look at the image below of a lab rat which lived of GMO’s (one of many)!

Why did we march?
People need to be educated about GMO’s and their harmful effects. It is shocking how many people are unaware of the fact that they are slowly but surely killing themselves and their children.

People have the right to know and choose what to eat. GMO Labeling must be enforced. Once you know of the dangers and can clearly see the food products marked as such, you can make a choice.

Local farmers and organic producers have the right to make a living by working with Mother Nature. They should not have to be forced into “slavery” by Monsato.

We have the right and the responsibility to protect our food supply. We can grow food, but once we start to mess with the natural order of things, we are in for a big surprise. It might not happen now, but it will happen!

Why don’t we know about this?
I guess to answer that you would need to look to government. One of the pictures loaded below give the perfect description: Control the food and you control the people. Scientists who work in the laboratories where these “foods” are created and tested are forced to sign Secrecy documents. Monsato does not want us to know, because it would bring them to their knees. It would put the brakes on their killing machine, which brings in millions and millions every year. Everyone needs to eat right, they just don’t feel that we have the right to know what we are eating. Have you ever thought to yourself how strange it is that you hear of someone with cancer every other day? Have you ever stopped to think why?

People are not ignorant, they are misinformed. I find it surprising that I saw no television crew or reporter at the march. Coincidence? NO! Media is controlled by government. Government is controlled by money. Who has a lot of money? Monsato! Did you know that SA is one of the only countries in the world to still allow it’s staple food to be a GMO? Ridiculous!

If each one of the 600 people who attended the Cape Town March today, can reach out to 50 people to let them know, and those 50 in turn do the same, we can make a difference!

Government is not going to make it happen. If we refuse to support Monsato by not buying GMO foods, they will feel the pinch sooner or later. Turn the tide, demand to know what you are fed, demand the right to choose what you want to eat:

Hell no GMO! GMO, we have the right to know!