110 Creative Challenge – Cheating



I met you with my heart in a million pieces, vulnerable and scared.  The spark in your eyes shone for only me, your words, softly telling me it would all be fine.  You told me that you cared!  You told me you would guard my heart and protect me!  I chose to believe you.  What a silly girl I was.

I allowed you to gather tiny pieces of my heart scattered about.  You pulled them in and put them back together, with words so soft and embraces so warm.  I chose to believe you.  What a silly girl I was.

You lied and cheated, I’m the broken hearted girl again. 

Let’s switch it up

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

What an interesting prompt!


I am going to bend the rules a bit and opt for three bloggers that I would love to swap with, in no particular order:

Louisa – We’ve come a long way and have a very similar view on life, love, parenting and relationships. Why would I want to swap with her?  Because the woman is so outspoken and opinionated!  Sometimes I wish I could vent like her, I am sure my life would have a lot less stress!  I love this lady to bits!

Mama Bear Musings – she lives somewhere that sounds absolutely idyllic and have all this knowledge about nature and life and everything else.  Her life seems full and interesting and I’d love to spend some time in her shoes.

Travellin’ thru Rambles – Sometimes I read her stuff and I go “I could have written that!”  I would seriously love to sit down over a good Merlot or two with this lady and swap stories!

Which person, living or dead, would you like to switch places with?

What story are you telling yourself?

Our memories of situations differ based on past experiences. What stories do you tell yourself about your life. Take a step back and reconsider


Self Portrait Hippie Peace Freaks
From Hippie Peace Freaks

“We tell ourselves stories every day. This is a story. A story of how we take the events of our lives and turn them into memories. And of how we can remake those memories by telling new stories to change our lives.

Every story is built on themes and although there can be an infinite number of stories there are a limited number of themes. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what our lives are about are just so. We can be the hero, antagonist or victim. Our lives can be heroic or tragic, fulfilling or empty, happy or sad. It all depends on the story we write and the stage on which we perform.

Just as a stage contains props to support a play, so do we select from life’s myriad events the bits and pieces of evidence we use to…

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