The untold secrets in your blood

Are you feeling bloated? Run down? Stressed? What story is your blood trying to tell you? Blood pressure too high or low? Blood clotting? Anemic? Allow me to tell you that these problems are just the start of it!

On Friday I spent the most interesting, eye-opening, scary and life changing afternoon with Lauren Schoeman from SevenPointFive in Somerset West.

What is SevenPointFive?
The system was pioneered in South Africa in 1997. It consists of a Live Blood Analysis and pH Level check. A drop of blood is placed under a microscope with brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast. This allows them to get a very accurate idea of all the aspects and conditions in your blood. I, of course, had no idea what my blood should look like and this is where the fun started! Their website is full of testimonials of people who had Lupus, SLE, diabetes, brain damage, epilepsy, breast cancer, ADD and ADHD, to name a few. All of them had remarkable improvements in their health and were cured simply through the use of the products and sticking to the right diet.

What I saw!
Lauren pointed out red blood cells, most of which were clumped together. It looked a lot like bunches of grapes actually! For the rest of the red blood cells, there was quite a few damaged ones, some dying and some malnutritioned ones. She pointed out some white blood cells, all of which were too small, and liver damage (and I don’t even drink much!). I wish it stopped at that, but I was not prepared by the next bit, which still gives me the chills! There was also undigested food particles, free radicals and yeast. Even worse: bacteria and parasites freely swimming around, doing the tango and stalking blood cells to invade! I could actually see one little scoundrel banging away at the wall of a red blood cell, trying its best to find a point of entry. At this point it felt like I had been invaded by aliens! My pH was next and measured in 6 – that is too acidic for those of you who long forgot high school chemistry.

Lauren skillfully and very patiently explained to me the importance of what we eat and drink and how exactly it impacts on your blood and ultimately your entire body. Let’s use the my results as an example:
Blood clots bunched together are indicative of a high a protein, high fat content diet. This was surprising to me as I don’t really do the fatty foods thing. This makes you a candidate for blood clots and aneurysms. That could also explain why I am always cold – my blood can’t get to the necessary capiliries!

Too small white blood cells are indicative that my body won’t be able to fight of disease, if and when needed.

A too acidic pH level means that my blood can’t absorb food and take in the nutrients offered to my body, which equals malnutrition!

It was truly amazing to understand for the first time how intricately the body works and how every component is affected by blood quality and pH levels.

The “miracle” products
Next Lauren gave me three things to drink: an anti-oxidant, an acid neutraliser and an combination of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The SevenPointFive products are designed in an ionic state. This means that they are immediately absorbed by the body and start working right away. That then being the reason why I have decided to dub these “miracle” products. 10 minutes after drinking them, Lauren took another sample and I was blown away by the result. If I did not see both of the tests being done in front of my very eyes, I would have said it’s been tampered with. The “new” blood was a different image all together. Red blood cells had “puffed up” and there were significantly less bunches. The size of white blood cells had increased and free radicals were reduced in quantity.

My quest and the diet!
There are various reports to indicate that GMO’s directly attack your red blood cells. As mentioned in previous post about GMO’s and it’s effect on your body, I mentioned that I will be cutting out GMO’s from my diet. Lauren agreed that it would be very interesting to see what effect this will have on my blood. We agreed that I would return in a month to retake the test. I can’t wait to see what the results of that will be. Removing GMO’s have seriously impacted on my shopping habits and it proving to be a difficult task indeed.
On discussing this with someone, they mentioned that I might feel better and have a better result even if I eat GMO’s. The reasoning behind this is that a healthier diet would automatically impact om your health. Agreed, but is that not also the reason why there were less disease 30 years ago? GMO’s are in just about everything. Lauren gave me a very good guide line to shop and eat by:
If it is MBG (Made By God) it’s good for you.
If it is TBM (tampered by man) it’s bad for you.

The result!
Stay connected. On the 28th of June I will be posting the results. For now, I can tell you of the following changes:
I feel more energized .
I feel less bloated and uncomfortable.
I haven’t had a headache in 3 days.
I sleep like a baby.
I feel generally happy. For no apparent reason, I just do.

There is another post to follow about the wonder of Mindset. Another SevenPointFive product Lauren introduced me to. I have changed Luke from his other tablets to these 2 days before he started exams and I’m impressed!

The SevenPointFive system is something that you can all benefit by and I recommend it to one and all.

For more information visit www. You can also contact them via or call Lauren directly on +27 21 840 3075.

What’s for dinner – Red pill or Blue Pill

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


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Today’s prompt links up nicely with another (overdue – sorry Lauren!) post that I will have up later today.  You are what you eat, literally.  Stay tuned for the facts, you will be amazed!

I have always had a love / hate relationship with food.   How do I put this?  I love good food, but I don’t miss it.  I can quite literally go for days without eating.  I don’t get hungry very often and have to remind myself to eat.  To me it is quite a waste of time.  Honestly, you spend hours shopping, peeling, chopping, steaming, broiling, frying – not to mention the dishes! – just so it can get chomped down and criticized!  What’s up with that?!

Adding more fuel to my “distaste” for food are the horrific facts about our food sources, which have been surfacing more and more over the last couple of months  It’s quite literally enough to make you sick, and going to the supermarket has become a slight obsession for me.  Since Saturday, I have been strictly watching and jotting down what I’ve been eating.  It sounds like a schlep, but with my food relationship, it has been more fun than choosing and preparing the food.  If anyone needs a food journal to be kept, I’m the girl for the job!

The possibility of swallowing a pill (PRESERVATIVE, MSG, GMO ie poison FREE) is one that really appeals to me and I would be the first to opt-in.