Fifteen souls plus me

The taxi ride home was a strange one today.

The driver, in a very pensive mood, opted for no music. I didn’t notice at first, but about ten minutes into the ride, it hit me: a deafening, absolute silence.

My seat right at the back gave me a perfect vantage point. Fifteen souls sat around me and I realized this is South Africa. My fellow passengers consisted of white, black and colored (I struggle with this term. It sounds so derogatory. I will have to find another word to use!), male and female, young and old. We are all doing a job, going home from a job, looking for a job.

Fifteen souls each with a soul, each with a mind and a heart.

Each with a wish and prayer, each with a hope and a dream.

Each with despair and regret, each with a pain and a grudge.

Fifteen souls; fifteen stories to be told. Each developing day by day, minute by minute.

Some go home with sorrow, some go with fear. Some go home with joy, some with anticipation.
We all go home.

Our bodies function the same, yet each looks different.

Fifteen mouths, saying the same words, yet no two words sound the same.

Fifteen souls
Fifteen stories
Fifteen backgrounds

It made me realize again: next time you encounter someone, stop and consider what they might be going through before you judge.

We are all only human after all.

Tag, I’m it

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

What is a tagline?



So, a personal tagline is about how you will be remembered.

I’m definitely not a Nagging Nellie or Miss Sunshine, even though the last one would have been nice.  I most certainly don’t do Sweetie or Poppie or anything like that.  How will I be remembered?

These three photos would probably describe me best:







Now that was the easy part, painting the picture of how I would like to be remembered.  Big Question:

What do you think my tagline should be?

Here are what others had to say:

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A life is lost, a soul reclaimed


I first saw him yesterday morning. Standing on the corner, his posture spoke of a defeated man. He turned and raise his face to the morning sun, the wintry rays of sunshine turning his tears to shimmering rivers. The rivers traveling down the landscape that was his face, found a final resting place in a bushy white beard.

I last saw him yesterday afternoon. Standing next to the hearse, the coffin blurred out by his tears. He once more turned his face upwards, they had to hurry. The day was running away from them, disappearing into the ocean. The funeral had to be over before the final light vanished and night came in to hide the black hole in his heart. The setting sun turned the world into a marshmallow pink, a warm mountain wind would bring rain over night.

We turned the corner and the procession disappeared from my sight. The prayers called to heaven by family and friends silenced by the hustle and bustle of life that carries on.

A tragic yet realistic reminder that we do not know the number of days in our life. Spend every day in gratitude and let those who live in your heart know that they are loved.