Far From Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

hennenman train

It’s really difficult being the perpetual traveler in your soul, but not ever having done anything about it.

I have never left South Africa, let alone the continent and there are so many places I would love to see.  Jacques and I are planning our first road trip to discover all the hidden secrets of South Africa, thereafter we plan to venture into Africa and next, conquer the world!  You have no ideal how my feet itch at the idea to take a back-pack and just head off in a direction.  There are only two things which would make me happier than that materializing!

For the sake of this post I am not counting moving house from Johannesburg to Cape Town, which would have been the longest trip I ever took.  When I think of travelling, two memories jump to mind.  I think it must also have been these which cultivated a wandering spirit in me.

hennenman to durban

Hennenman to Durban


When we were little, June school holidays meant one thing and one thing only – the long trip to Durban.  First we would spend 2 days preparing snacks and all sorts of finger foods.  The packing happened by magic (thanks Moekie!).  The next step was to get my great-grandfather on the train to Witbank for his annual 3 month retreat to warmer climates.  Finally, the early morning trip.  My gran would usually bundle us into the car at around 4 am.  With all the excitement, there was of course was no sign of sleep.  Every now and then my grand-father would stop to stretch his legs and we would tuck into the choice of snacks, topping it off with hot, sweet Rooibos tea.  Yummy!  My gran sure could bake up a storm!  Halfway there we would stop for a barrel Kentucky Fried Chicken.  At the time they gave it to you in this huge Styrofoam container – I miss those!  After about 6 and a half hours, which felt like an eternity, we would reach our destination and the holiday could begin: sun, sea, rickshaws and curry pineapple on a stick!

hennenman to johannesburg

Hennenman to Johannesburg

The second journey that comes to mind is a completely different one.  It’s the one where I left home at 18, leaving the dust of the Free State behind to start fresh in Johannesburg – the City of Gold, the city of opportunity and hope!  I traveled by train and thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge that every second the train moves gives me a bigger distance between where I’ve come from, bringing me closer to what I want to be.  I’ve loved train rides since that day.  It’s been far too long though and I should definitely make a plan some time soon!

This prompt have awakened an anew itch in my feet and it’s time for my travelling shoes to be dusted off, soon!

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Breaking News in Modimolle Monster Trial

Judgment have just been handed down in the Modimole Monster trial.



Photo:  Phill Magakoe

The four accused are:

  • Johan Kotze
  • Andries Sithole
  • Pieta Mohlake
  • Sello Mphaka

The charges and verdicts:

  • Murder (Conrad Bonnette) – Johan Kotze & Andries Sithole – Guilty; Pieta Mohlake and Sello Mphaka – Not Guilty

  • Attempted Murder of Ina Bonnette (based on one of the co-accused being HIV Positive) – Charge dismissed – All Not Guilty

  • Assault with the Intent to cause grevious bodily harm of Ina Bonnette – All Guilty

  • Kidnapping of Ina Bonnette – All Guilty

  • Gangrape of Ina Bonnette – All Guilty

    TheftAll Guilty

Court has adjourned and sentencing will take place tomorrow.

Let’s hope these guys are put away for Life with no option of parole.

Will keep you posted tomorrow.


Life sucks!


I hate my life!

I have nothing to be grateful for, everything is a mess!

I wish I was never born!

The only thing I can get any form of satisfaction out is my job, which I totally love, every second of every day; every phone call I make brings me joy.

No-one loves me, no-one cares about me.

No-one would miss me if I wasn’t there, I might as well die…

Okay, now that I have your attention – relax, it’s not true!  I didn’t know what to write in response to the Daily Prompt and came up with the above.  Incidentally, none of it is true!

On a lighter note, since I don’t have anything meaningful to add, I’ll give you the following:

The definition of opposite:

Main Entry:
opposite  [op-uh-zit, -sit]  Show IPA
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: unlike, conflicting; completely different
Synonyms: adverseantagonistic, antipodal, antipodean,antitheticalcontradictory, contrapositive, contrary,contrasted, correspondingcounter, crosswise,diametric, diametrically opposed, different, differing,dissimilar, diverse, facing, flip-side, fronting, hostile,inconsistentindependentinimical, inverse,irreconcilable, obverse, opposedornery*,paradoxical, polar, repugnant, retrograde, reverse,reversed, separate, unalike, unconnected,unrelated, unsimilar, violative, vis-á-vis
Notes: contrary  describes something that contradicts aproposition, converse  is used when the elementsof a proposition are reversed opposite  pertainsto that which is diametrically opposed to aproposition, and reverse can mean each of those
Antonyms: compatiblelikesimilar

Some Opposite Quotes and sayings:

opposite3 opposite2


Have a lovely day!

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Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.




I was 16 when I became a rugby fan.  It’s not something that happened over a period of time, it only took one balmy afternoon on the beach in Durban.

It was like a scene out of a movie:  In the distance they came running across the beach, heading straight for me:  23 muscled creatures in red Speedo’s.  Leading the pack, the tall left winger, hair trailing in the wind: Cabous van der Westhuizen!  What a sight it was!

I immediately decided that from that moment on I will be a Sharks supporter for life.  Of course, at the time, I did not know a thing about rugby.  Luckily over the past couple of years, I have come to know and passionately love the game.

Me supporting the Sharks causes for some interesting sporting weekends though.  Jacques and my mom are both staunch Stormers supporters, so when the two teams play each other you are guaranteed to have some tension around the house!

Black and White – Nothing Else Matters – Sharks Forever!

Drabble a bit more on Shopping

“This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape

red boots

I wake with a grin, the excitement hardly containable!  The day has finally come – Christmas shopping my favorite kind!  I grab my sneakers and purse and dash out the door.  Hours later, I’m still walking, smelling, seeing, touching.  I suss out options and really take my time, savouring every moment!  I walk past the window and gasp; I enter the shop and can hardly believe my eyes.  Then it hits me, that “A-HA” moment, I’ve found the perfect gift!  Girlish excitement builds up in the back of my throat and escapes in a delicious giggle.  Those Jimmy Choos Boots– red, tight and knee high.  My best Christmas present yet.