BFF’s forever and ever

It is a fact of life that our experiences shape us into who we are. I read a study a while I back about how two people can, in a controlled environment, be exposed to the exact same circumstances, yet have completely different recollections of what happened, how it happened, who was present and even what the place or the people looked like. These perceptions are all based on past experiences and what we have allowed those situations to do to us. Will we get up, learn from what had happened and do things differently the next time around? Will we stay down and adopt the attitude of “the world owes me, look at what I’ve had to endure!”?

What amazes me more is how one small thing or one person can change those perceptions for us. As with all of us, my past experiences have left me with questionable perceptions of myself and how others see me.

I recently had the privilege to make contact again with someone that I have seen or spoken to in more than two decades. Through the years we both, unbeknownst to the other, searched for each other, but never had any real success to speak off. Whenever I thought of this specific friend, I always wondered whether I was remembered in the same way that I was remembering. What would it be like if we ever had to speak or see each other again. Would there be awkward silences? Would it be a fleeting “hi, how are you?” just for us to go our separate ways again? Would my friend even remember me and the fleeting moments we shared?

Five minutes into the conversation I knew that there would be none of that! Conversation flowed as the years between our last conversation and that magical moment melted away into nothingness. The spark we shared then is burning as bright as it was way back then and it’s like we’ve never lost contact.

Our individual experiences from the past have left its scars on us, but what we shared was untouched by those perceptions, completely unblemished and unscarred by the past. This reminded me of an ancient Chinese proverb, I am posting it with this.

It amazes me how the company of one person can leave me feeling so rejuvenated – so young and alive – again.

Thank my friend for reminding me of who I am and what my worth is in this world we live in. Thank you for making me see myself through your eyes. Thank you for allowing me into your world, for allowing me to laugh and cry and share with you.

Salut, to a friendship that will never end! Here’s to many more conversations and moments of silliness!