Making a list, checking it twice…

Dear Santa,


This year I will go easy on you.  I won’t ask for much.

I am not looking for gadgets or goodies – I can go without all of that.

I am not looking for a new car or a break on my debt or a shiny new toy – all of that can wait.

dear santa

I don’t ask for much, all I want is someone to love – someone who will truly love me back.

A love that is true and not just about an ego boost or a trophy or faked or a convenience or a way to spend your time or something that will only last until the next one comes along.

woman may fake

All I want is a love that is real, so very very very real for both of us.  A love that will be treasured and worked at.  A love that is a safe harbor – a love that will outlast whatever storms life might bring.

C’mon Santa, I’m counting on you.