Hello Darkness, my old friend

Hello Darkness, my old friend. You’ve come to talk to me again. Folding yourself in around me, pulling me deeper and deeper into that never ending empty space. The sound of silence amplifying a myriad of thoughts and questions and hopes and dreams and fears running through my mind. Why do you do this? Darkness, why do you taunt me when I am all alone?

I hate this part of the day – in bed, alone. I want to quickly slip into oblivion. I don’t want to endure the torture of waiting for my body and mind to surrender to another world, a world where what you feel is not real and the visions are nothing more than just a vision that you will wake up from.

Hello darkness, my old friend. You once again have brought the questions and feelings and fears that are so easily pushed aside when morning comes. Darkness, my old friend, why can’t you just once bring the answers I seek?

The questions remain the same and the answers are not much different, varying slightly from one day to the next. I’ve run through them so many times. The fears you bring with you are so very very real and I know them intimately. I can conjure the feelings that comes with them in the blink of an eye.

Darkness, my old friend, we’ve played this game so many times, yet you never seem to tire. I’m tired of your games. I’m tired of the way you make me feel. I want the comfort of warm breath in my neck instead of warm tears running rivers over my cheeks. I want a comforting arm pulling me close instead of your cold grip pulling my heart to shreds.

Darkness, my old friend, I don’t want to be alone with you anymore…