Prepping for 2019

My mom shared this post by Robin Sharma on Facebook yesterday and my bugs immediately jumped to attention

Bugs?  Yes, get used to it, that is what my thoughts will be referred to from now.  No, it does not carry a negative connotation, per say.  Bugs can be squishy and gross and disgusting and give you the heebie-jeebies, but they too can be cute (go check this out if you don’t believe me) and helpful (think butterfly, lady bug, dragon-fly and praying mantis) too.  So the little critters in my head are henceforth my very own entomology collection.  So far today I have flutterby’s and lady bugs and a stray dung beetle or two.  I suppose it is a dis-associative defense mechanism as it allows me to distance “me” from “the thoughts”.  Only an over-thinker will understand this so don’t worry if you’ve managed to get lost somewhere in this description.  Anyhoo….

Let’s look at Robin Sharma’s list.  Today I will tackle the first 5, tomorrow the last 5 and then spend the 31st on ironing out the wrinkles

robin sharma

  1. Exercise first thing in the morning – you’ll go a long, long, very long way to find someone other than a professional personal trainer with a bigger “5 minute training” collections than me.  I have tons.  Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, magazines, browser bookmarks – the list goes on.  I have so many that I don’t know where to start.  Every time I see a new training plan (and we I read number one on the list) the jumping spider peeked out his little head and start bouncing from one place to the next “print, save, collate – LET’S DO THIS!!!!!! ”  The praying mantis lazily looked up, swaying from side to side, “Humph, we’ve been down this road haven’t we?”  The stink bug exploded with a momentous “yea, and we failed hehehe”.  See where I’m going with this?  So as far as making 2019 WOW is concerned, I’ll need some definite work on this one.
  2. Read for 60 minutes every day – I can’t actually remember the last book I read.  A quiet hush fell over my bugs as I read this and a flutterby gently flapped past me.  This idea I like!  I looked at the books I have and apart from my trusty King James Student Bible nothing grabbed me.  Then I remembered the one’s that did: The monk who sold his Ferrari, Tuesdays with Morrie, Greatest Salesman in the world, The richest man in Babylon.  I’ve already purchased Greatest Salesman and can’t wait for that Takealot delivery.  Now, I am on a hunt for the rest.
  3. Speak your truth even when it is scary – oi vey!  Another one that will need a lot of work.  There are only four occasions when I can really manage this:  One, here, in my safe space.  Two, when I am tipsy (HAHAHAHA!).  Three, when I am really mad.  Boy, I can give you a tongue lashing like no other.  My poor mother, son and a couple of exes are testimony to that.  Four, when I am with my love – he makes me upon up like a blossom to the morning dew and nothing I say is wrong.
  4. Delete the dream stealers from your life.  Glad to say I can tick this one of my list.  I’ve eliminated those a long time ago
  5. Be around art and nature often.  Not so sure about the art bit.  I’ve always been the weirdo that will stare at the wall hoping to see the image that’s not there.  Or the one that looks at the desert scene and wonder about scorpions and dust and heatstroke and such.  Nature, however, is a different story.  In the past week I have spent a lot of time in the garden – 2 full days and then some.  Cleaning out weeds, planting, uprooting and replanting.   I’ve taken my time every morning and evening to water them with carefully collected dishwater, talking to them, wishing them to grow.  Yesterday I was rewarded with one and today with two beautiful bright little flowers.  The joy!  I’m not going to have any hassle with this one, I can tell!


One done; Two that I am very eager about; Two that need work

Not too shabby, according to this I am just about ready to make 2019 WOW!

How about you?

Author: nanuschka

I am a free spirit born in the Free State, 20 years to late. I am Ying and Yang. I am the girl next door who prefers daisies and peace rallies, but can just as easily rock at a rally. I love all things Latin and am sure that in my previous life (if that existed) I was Spanish. The dark side of me, however, tells me that I lived in Mother Russia. I am an over thinker par excellence , in constant search of answers to all things that makes us human. What we do and, more importantly, why we do it. I hope you enjoy my rambles and would love to hear from you. If you like it here, please come back, comment and share. If not, let me not waste another second of your time. All I ask is that you respect my space, be constructive and leave negativity at the door. There is enough of that in this world we live in and yes, in my head too sometimes. Not everything here will be liked or agreed with. Some of it will be downright rude, crazy and straight forward. Not everyone will like me and what goes on in my head, but this is my life and my space. Enjoy the ride

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