The State of My Year

Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.


Phew, this year has gone by so quickly and looking back, it’s been one huge roller coaster of a ride!

January started with a bang and the festivities of December was carried over when we attended Kalahari Karoo Blues and the Solms Delta Taste and Tweet at the Baxter Theatre.

February started with the sickening rape and murder of Anene Booysen and Valentine’s Day brought  the shock of Oscar Pistorius having (allegedly) (purposefully) murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.  The trial commences in August and we will get a better picture then.  Luckily the month ended on a high note with tickets to see Robin Sharma at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

March means harvest time in the Cape and we attended the Ormonde Harvest Day in Darling and were spoiled rotten!

April brought on Bloggers Awards Season and there were loads of that going around!  I read Insanity by Charles Bronson and Boston Marathon bombings shocked the entire world.

May was meltdown month for me.  Luke’s problems at school escalated to the point where I could take no more.  I learned about GMO’s for the first time and were shocked to the core at the junk we are fed, camouflaged as food!    We attended the March against Monsanto at as well as the Good Food and Wine Show.  The month ended on a realization about my status of being proudly South African and I decided to start learning Xhosa.

June was an eye-opener month.  I took up Xhosa and was able to communicate with Chippa in his mother tongue.  It turned the tables and I left him crying!  I discovered the wonder of seven point five and the secrets in my blood and immediately started Luke on Mindset tablets.  We started attending The Bay Christian Family Church with Dr Allan and Pastor Janine Bagg.  I recommitted my life to God and made a couple of fantastic friends.  God immediately started working wonders in our lives and the changes have been miraculous!

July saw tremendous personal growth for Jacques, Luke and myself.  God provided in ways which we never could have imagined.  Luke is focused and continues to blossom in school thanks to Mindset.  I had my best sales month of the year.  I have faced some emotional giants and put them to ground and we continue to grow as a couple and as a family.  There was a change of ownership at my work, which I am very happy about and things are looking up on all fronts!

For the first time in ages, I can say that we are really looking forward to the rest of the year.

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From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?



Join us for an insightful evening into  life as it was known in 2013.

A sorry time in human history when time and money had more value than family, compassion and love or spirituality.  A time where very few realized that if you win the rat race, you are still only a rat.

Journey with us through the year that was as we showcase how humans would leave home before sunrise and get home long after sunset.  A time when children spent their formation years with strangers who became “parents” while parents became people, known only in the dark hours of the day, who were only their to discipline and talk about stress and worries that consumed their every thought.  2013 Was a time when “everything” could be bought: love, affection, trust.  Money was seen as the key to happiness and this led to a culture of constantly racing:  to be more and have more than the Jones’.  A time where the human life held virtually no value and respect for self and others became a foreign concept.

Come journey with us and witness the madness that was humanity in 2013.

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365 pages to be filled

What a year it has been!?!

I am very excited to see the end of this year and to welcome 2013. Not because this year has been all bad, not at all! 2012 held many a good moment, believe you me!

For some reason, I don’t know why, I am filled with this huge excitement about the year to come.

Constantly throughout today, I’ve found myself contemplating the year that was. The ups and downs. The roller coaster ride that was 2012.

We (Jacques and I) started out the year unemployed and homeless. Literally homeless. New Years Eve was sent camping out (illegally!), fighting each other and fighting to get paid, making up, getting some money together and pulling an all-nighter!

From there it got better and worse and better again. On the upside there was new jobs, a new home, new friends, seeing my mom again, having Luke back with me, Nathan Bjorn being added to the family, Jacques and I building a stronger foundation for our relationship and finally falling pregnant!

On the down side we had quitting jobs, losing friends, money issues, car issues, fighting over non-sense and a miscarriage! Yet, here we are, still madly in love and with big plans for the year ahead.

I also find myself thinking of others. My family and loved ones, friends and those I don’t even know. I’ve been thinking about how much I have to be grateful for and thinking of those and wits-end. For so many people this time of the year is one of despair, a time of sadness and many give up.

I can’t change the world, that much I know. However, I can try to make a difference in someone else’s life.

New Years resolutions? Well, I don’t know about that. We all seem to have these grand plans at the start of the year that never bear fruit. Through my contemplation, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will not make any grand resolutions for this year. Only 3 things will I do:

1. First and foremost: stop, breath and think before I act / re-act.

How many times do we sit back and think: I could have said that differently, I could have handled that better, I could have… Friends, remember that each second wasted is a second you will never have back. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This age old rule applies not only to physics, but to each and every situation you face daily! So many conflicts and stressful situations can be avoided if we follow this simple rule: stop, breath and think!

2. Live in gratitude and love completely.

This is something I’ve been doing for a while now and will continue to do this year: every morning and every night spend just a couple of minutes to think about everything you have to be grateful for and give thanks for it. Gratitude not only for the big things, but everything. When last did you go to bed and felt a real, humbling gratitude for your pillow, for instance? Really feel it, give in to the feeling and say thanks. I saw a billboard the other day: What if you woke up one morning and all you have is that which you gave thanks for the previous night? Really got me thinking!

Part of this gratitude is to give in to the feeling of love. Love for the things and people that you have. Love for the sunshine on your skin, love for the trees you drive past every day. Love fully and completely. No hesitation, no fear, no regret. Give in to love and see how it can transform your life. It is an integral part of the Law of Attraction, what you most focus on is what you will get back. Focus on fear and more fearful things will come to you. Focus on gratitude and more gratitude creating situations will come your way.

3. Follow my dreams.

Wow, a big one and probably the most difficult one to tackle. It’s so easy to tell someone to go for what they want. Doing it however, now that’s a completely different ballgame altogether! So often we allow things to get in the way. I don’t have the time, skills, money, resources, whatever, to make it work. Bla-bla-bla!!!! I’ve used these and many more excuses countless times. Thinking about this, I’ve come to realize that the biggest killer of our dreams are nothing but a tiny four-letter word: FEAR!!!

We allow fear to intrude on our dreams, steal our passion, suck the life out of what makes us happy.

Fear of failure
Fear of loss
Fear of rejection
Fear of ridicule
Fear of being different
Fear of going against the norm
Fear of ……
Fear of ……
Fear of ……

I’ve spent countless hours reading motivational, inspirational and self-help blogs. I think I probably have the longest newsletter subscription list in history! This year I will focus on just 5 of them and actually follow through on what I learn from them.

I’m not saying that I will reach all my dreams and goals in this year, but I sure am going to put in some real effort and say bye-bye fear. You are no longer my Master!

Well guys and gals, have a good one! Whatever you may be doing this year, do it to the full, to the best of your ability!

Today starts a new book with 365 blank pages, pages just waiting for you to write on.

Oh yeah, while you are writing your story, don’t allow anyone else to hold the pen! (PS not my wise words, but one of the many good quotes I saw this year)

May 2013 be a blessed one for one and all, filled with love, joy, peace and God’s grace!