Facebook: to poke or to puke?

The Weekly Writing Challenge is an interesting one indeed!

There is a lot to be said about Facebook. With the 10 year anniversary coming up in a little more than 7 months, it has been in the news for more bad reasons that good ones of late. First there was the noting on the Stock Exchange with promises of huge profits for investors, which didn’t quite pan out that way. Next we had endless security warnings and messages of accounts being hacked or user’s details being leaked. Furthermore, at least once a week you can find an article of how Facebook have ruined another relationship or assisted in someone being conned out of their hard earned savings.

I couldn’t really be bothered with my account being hacked. No one has anything to gain by stealing my identity and, since I’m a bit of a control freak, I tend to change my password on a weekly basis, at the very least, making it just a little difficult for anyone who would try. I never post anything that won’t pass as suitable for Luke, my (very strict) gran or my pastor. If their eyes can’t see it, then it’s not on there, very simple rule!

In terms of Facebook ruining relationships, I am of the opinion that it can only ruin your relationship if you allow it to happen. It goes down to a very simple little thing called moral values. I value myself and I value my relationship with Jacques. Nothing will compromise that, EVER. I have in the past, and will continue to do so in future, removed people from my friends list who post links or ideas that are not in line with what I believe and what I stand for.

I just don’t see how it is possible to have someone as a friend when their opinions or interest are in obvious contradiction to your own. I guess some people suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and thus feel compelled to be “friends” with everyone they meet or who just looks remotely interesting. I’m so glad I don’t! Every person on my friends list is someone that I know personally. Don’t even bother sending me a friend request if I don’t know you or just met you. You ain’t gonna get anywhere fella!

As far as Facebook activity goes, my feed is forever updating, thus it is always open at work. I don’t have a lot of Facebook friends – it’s only family, colleagues (old and current) and friends from school. My father and his wife, my brother and sister-in-law, my mother and grandmother, my late sister’s husband and child – they are all in different towns scattered across South Africa. If we did not have Facebook, let’s face it, it would be immensely difficult to keep up to date with the happenings in their lives, photos and such. I love Facebook and I am very grateful Mark Zuckerberg for “stealing” the idea.

Why then is my Facebook feed so very, very long? 90% of my Facebook activity relates to pages that I am subscribed to: motivation, inspiration, spiritual, personal growth, health, news, gospel, sport and technology.

I can definitely see that for certain people and in certain relationships Facebook could be a problem, but it can only be one as far as you allow it to be. You are the one who needs to answer to your conscious; you are the one who needs to close your eyes at night and go to sleep peacefully. Play it by the book and you have nothing to worry about.

Mark Twain said it best:

It’s my bubble and I like it!


So, I have a personal space bubble around me.  I don’t do well with physical interaction, unless I know you very, very, very well (read: love you dearly).

I, for one, do not understand how you meet someone and then, after coffee or dinner, immediately move on the hug and kiss on the cheek.  In my world that’s just wrong.  Each to his own though, and if you are one of the touchy-feely people who populate planet Earth, I have one thing to say to you: Well done.  I have friends that I have known for the past 20 years, yet I do not feel the desire to embrace them every time I see them.  For Pete’s sake, an outstretched hand and brilliant smile does the same job!

Let me tell you why I am just slightly freaked out at the moment.

Monday after work I was minding my own business in Checkers, deciding what to get for dinner.  I turned around and came face to face with a random woman who suddenly jerked back.  To give you an idea, after she jerked away she was still close enough for me to smell her breath!  “Your hair smells lovely” she declared.  Well!  I was so shocked I promptly gave her “the look” (something I didn’t know I possess, but my mom can tell you all about that) and stormed off, leaving my shopping right there!  WOOSA!!! What the heck woman, what you smellin my hair for?!?!

Yesterday morning it was tight squeeze in the taxi.  A big burly guy sat down next to me (think: Michael Clarke Duncan from The Green Mile), seriously I was dwarfed by this guy.  About 5 minutes after we took off, I felt his shoulder leaning into me.  I politely shifted my weight and tried to make my body conform to the little space left between me and the window.


Another 5 minutes pass and this guy every so gently rests his head against mine.  WOOSA!!!  With every bit of control and composure I slowly turn my head and got ready to tell him to move his…  He had fallen asleep and decided to use me as a pillow!  Seriously!?!?  Luke won’t even do that, because he says I’m “not fluffy enough”.  By now, a lot of people, including the driver, were giggling about this scenario.  To rescue me Michael suddenly stepped on the brakes.  This guy wakes up and immediately starts shouting at the driver about him having missed his stop, because Michael supposedly took a different route.  By the time he got out we were all in hysterics!  Save to say, he won’t be driving with Michael for a while.

Tea-time today my colleague and I are standing outside, enjoying our coffee and the last bit of Autumn sun when some guy walks past and looks at me.  I figure OK, let it be.  Next moment he stops dead in his tracks, turn around and look at me again.  Have I mentioned that I have a bubble?  He stops and again turn around to look at me.  By now I am ready to ask him just exactly what he is looking at.  He walks up to me and says “Aren’t you that girl from Generations?”.  Generations?!  C’mon, I’ve never even seen an episode so I wouldn’t even knew if I resembles someone in the show! WOOSA!!!  Stop staring dude, it’s rude!

I would hereby kindly like to implore the universe to give me a break.  Please.

My sunny disposition is fast starting to turn into a Highveld thunderstorm and the next innocent being to even think about coming near my bubble might just get it.  They will be left seriously dazed and confused at the wrath to be bestowed them.

So please, cut me some slack, just for a little while.