Judge Bert Bam serves justice


If you are a normal, sane human being, you would agree that we all think of rape as a horrendous act, which deserves the highest punishment.  Only those who have had to endure it though, will be able to tell how far reaching the effects truly are.  Rape is not something that you ever forget.  You may, in time, forgive and move on.  Sadly though, despite the healing, the memories will always remain.

It is for this reason that I can’t understand why the gravity of the act carries so little weight in sentencing.  Generally speaking, rapists normally receive a 10 – 15 year sentence.  Effectively that means that if a man rapes a 13-year old, he will be out by the time she is 23.  He can start fresh and build a life.  At 23 her life is only starting, but instead of carrying an innocent curiosity and fire for life, she carries with her emotional scars.  Scars unseen to the naked eye, scars which will influence relationships.

The country held its breath today as sentencing of the Modimolle Monster was handed down.  The courtroom packed to the brim with various ministers, advocates as well as a group of ANC Women’s League Members.  Ina Bonette sat staring at her ex-husband, no doubt recalling the mutilation, rape, assault and murder of her son, despite his pleas.

Twitter went viral today after the sentence in the Modimolle Monster trial was handed down today.  One Tweeter commented “It was with a great sense of relieve that we heard sense and sensibility prevail in a country which seemed to have gone mad where justice is concerned.”

In handing out the sentence, Judge Bam (my new favorite SA Judge) tore the defense apart in his ruling today, stating that Johan Kotze is an inherently evil person.   He further stated that the co-accused expected payment for their part in the act and, despite their clear criminal record, it adds gravity to the case against them.

The judgement is as follows:

Johan Kotze – life for murder of Conrad Bonette, life for rape of Ina Bonette, 25 years for kidnapping and assault

All the co-accused – life sentences for their part.

After yesterday’s ruling Kotze did a brief interview stating “I have certain things he wish to say, things that will be said after sentencing tomorrow”.  He further added that he does not want any sensation around this case as he is not a sensation seeker.  After sentencing today, however, he clearly decided not to have his press conference. He hurried down to the cells as fast as he could.

 Ina Bonette was visibly moved, every now and then smiling through her tears.  She indicated that she was overwhelmed but happy that justice have prevailed.
Thank you Judge Bam for restoring our faith in the South African Justice System.  Let this serve as a warning to the other monsters who walk our land:  No longer will we sit by and watch our women be destroyed by your evil!

Which Google Search Term Got You Here?


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Rummaging around the old Stats Tab, I decided to take a look at what search terms were used to get to my blog. What an interesting and thought-provoking tale it tells!

The majority of the search terms are all positive like “Robin Sharma’s Rules for Being Amazing“, “Obtaining Clarity” and “Success“.  I am very happy about this and hope that somewhere along the line I was able to inspire.

Unfortunately there are some terms which had me slightly troubled:

“Happy fathers day to someone old enough to be my dad” – this was the most popular one during the last seven days.  “Happy fathers day” I understand, but “to someone old enough to be my dad“?  I must admit, I don’t quite get that one!

Then there are quite a few with “photograph my penis” or “love your penis blog” somewhere in the search term.  I guess that would refer to my post about rules for boys.  Bottomline:  it is never, ever, ever a good idea!  Forget about it and move swiftly along.

The most disturbing search terms will have to be these two:

  • “View Rape Video”
  • Rapetown sex game”

At first I was disgusted, to say the least, that someone would be searching for rape videos or that there is actually a game you can play, which would include rape.  Don’t get me wrong it still disgusts me and it is just another sign of the absolutely sick society we have become.  However, let’s look at it from another perspective.

What would happen if we all had to do posts about how we object to rape; how we refuse to accept that it has become a part of who we are?  I’m not saying that our words can turn the scum of the earth into a decent human being, but perhaps we can plant a seed somewhere in him.  Perhaps that seed will sprout and, somewhere in the future, he might think twice before raping.

I certainly hope that the persons who came to be here by following any of those search terms, got something to think about.

Rape is wrong!  

  • I don’t care how bad your childhood was – you have the choice to learn from it and be a better person.
  • I don’t care how mad you are at your mother for not hugging you – it’s your choice to let go of the pain and show more love to your children than you ever had.
  • I don’t care how much you hate your ex-wife – only you can choose to treat women with love and respect.
  • If you have perverted sexual needs which can’t be satisfied by a normal, healthy sexual relationship, look up Copper Sulphate.  It worked wonders for the army boys.
  • If you feel the urge to take your frustration out on someone who is obviously not able to defend themselves against you, get a punchbag.
  • If you feel your mind playing tricks on, get medical advice next time you are “yourself”.
  • If you are on drugs or have a drinking problem, seek help.

There is simply no excuse which can justify such a horrendous act towards another human being.

Making someone else pay for something that was done to you will never fix anything!

 So, if you found your way here by means of some perverted need, stop and think about what you are doing.  There are many other ways to solve the problem.  Rape is not and never will be the answer.


Stop Rape Now Campaign

OK, we have gone live! As per my previous post we have started a campaign to support to fight against rape.

Bumper stickers are now available at R20.00 each – remember all profits go to Rape Crisis Centers to assist victims where needed and to fight the battle.

To order stickers, make payment to FNB Somerset West, Account Number 62384289130, Branch Code 250655, Elna Potgieter – Stop Rape. Proof of payment can be emailed to nansuchkasblog@gmail.com together with the quantity ordered as well as delivery address. Please, EFT only as the bank charges on cash deposits are ridiculous!

Make a difference now!


Welcome to Rape Town!

Today I encountered by far the best ever marketing technique, ever!

From 6AM to 6PM 94.5 KFM played a “ding” every four minutes to create awareness of the shocking rape statistics in South Africa. Initially when I heard about, I thought it would go by unnoticed. However, by 11:00 I had a shiver running down my spine every time I heard the sound. By 13:00 I was in a state where hearing the sound made me want to cry every time. It made people so uncomfortable that they wanted to change the radio station.

My beloved rainbow nation, the country I love with my entire being has earned itself the title of Rape Capital of the world, which is extremely embarrassing and the reason why we have decided to embark on this campaign. Statistics prove that in SA a women is more likely to be raped than educated! Seriously! We live in the country with the highest number of rapes and we do nothing about it. Nothing.

In India a young woman was brutally raped 7 weeks ago. The Indian community is still protesting and marching to call for justice. In the 7 weeks since that has happened 9000 – that is nine thousand! – woman and children have been raped and sexually abused in SA. Have we had any protests? Have we had any marches?

It took the brutal rape, which lead to her death, of a 17 year old girl from Bredasdorp to bring us to action.

You see, in SA, rape, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse – these are all the black sheep of the family. It is like that one family member that we would rather not think or talk about. It is out there, it exists, but it does not affect us. How wrong we are. One in three women in SA will experience some form of sexual abuse in her lifetime. Now, quickly think about how many women you know. A third of them have been / will be affected by sexual abuse!

I will not go into details about my personal experiences, for various reasons. I can tell you however that it happens more often than you care to know. The minister at church or the church elder. The doctor or psychologist. The police officer and lawyer.

Sexual predators are not limited to the lowlifes, the drunks or drug addicts. Sexual victims are not limited to those living in previously disadvantaged communities.

It happens every day all around you.

A while back I read a “Rapist’s guide to women to avoid being attacked”. What it boils down to is that women should completely desexualise themselves, not wear tight fitting or short items of clothing, cut their hair short and walk around with umbrellas or something else that can be used as weapons. Basically, we should live in fear and do everything in our ability to not celebrate the beauty God have blessed us with. Well I say hell no!

It is time that we stand up and say enough is enough. How many babies, innocent girls or women need to be destroyed before we act?

We are too scared to say something when see something or suspect something is wrong.

Open your mouth. Very few victims will speak out on their own accord. Speak up, ask the question, you just might save a life.

Jacques and I have decided to embark on a campaign to create awareness and raise funds.

I propose Black Wednesdays. Let’s be heard. Let us show that we will not stand by quietly while this continues to happen. From now we will be wearing black on Wednesdays to show our voice. I truly hope that we can get more people involved in this and make it a national and international movement.

We will shortly have Stop Rape Now! Bumper stickers available at R20 each. All profit will go towards Rape Crisis Centers or victims who need medical assistance.

Please help us to make this project grow.

It is the least we can do.

Come on South Africa, if we can turn around from being the biggest racist country in the world to being a rainbow nation, surely we can turn around from being the Rape Capital of the world to being a society and country where abuse and rape is not tolerated!