Pat on the back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.


My Luka-boo

You have been always been a little chatter box and can talk the ears of an elephant!  Imagine our surprise when your Grade 1 teacher (and every teacher after that) told us that you are very reserved in class!  For the past five years I have had to endure teachers telling me that they need to drag answers out of you and that you would never put your hand up to answer a question.  Year after year they keep complaining that you can’t focus or sit still in class.  I have had to hear countless times that you are disruptive in class as you keep chatting to friends, but don’t want to participate in class discussions.  Do you remember how many times we’ve spoken about this?

Then came Grade 5 with more subjects, more assignments and more responsibility.  Of course it also meant you having to stay after school for detention.  We tried all forms of discipline and it would work for two, maybe three days and then we were back to square one.  I honestly thought that I was failing you  miserably as a parent and that there was no hope left.

Then we discovered Mindset and out world was turned upside down, hey?

Your report card came and I nearly jumped through the roof 🙂 but we still had the dreaded parent-teacher meetings ahead of us 😦

I sat outside each class, nervously waiting on my turn, and watched as parent after parent departed with long faces.  My turn came and I kept our tablets secret, because I first wanted to hear what they had to say.

“Luke has suddenly started to blossom into a child which truly reflects his intellect”

“Luke has changed and is suddenly offering answers, every time”

“Luke has become a joy to have in the classroom”

“Luke has undergone a huge change during the holidays and he has not once been written up for disruptive behavior”

Then I brought out the trump-card: Mindset!  They were all united in saying that, whatever happens, I should not stop giving the tablets to you.  the deputy-headmaster even said that he has seen a bigger change in your attitude, behavior and performance than on any child who was ever placed on Ritalin.


My angel, I am so proud of you!  I cried all the way home and still want to cry when I think about everything we have been through to get here.

My trooper, you soldier on and finally we will be able to see what you are really capably of!

I am proud of you sweetie-pie!


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Teachers, Parents – Help me PLEASE!!!

I am at my wits end with Luke and seriously need some help! This is one for the parents and teachers out there. Honestly, any and all advice will be appreciated!

Luke is an extremely intelligent young man. There are however three problems:

1. He is lazy. I suppose this can be expected of any boy, especially one of 10.

2. He can’t focus. His mind is forever wondering off into some magically weird and wonderful world filled with stories.

3. He is very sensitive.

None of these are necessarily characteristics which would sound alarm bells, but put them all together, add schooling in an overcrowded classroom and Houston, we have a problem.

I’ve just received my 4th Detention notice for the term. One more and he gets expelled. His transgressions:
Forgetting to write down homework
Forgetting to do homework
Forgetting to have notices signed or just losing them altogether
Talking in class

We sat on the weekend and studied for a test for 3 full hours. He knew everything by heart. His result 13 / 40!

My options are severely limited in the sense that I can not afford private schooling. Home schooling is not an option either as I have to work, no choice there. I have tried grounding him, taking away privileges like TV shows or bike rides or going to the beach. I have tried incentives like adding x amount to his allowance for each positive result and in turn deduct x amount for each negative result. I have begged and pleaded and cried. I have yelled and threatened and cried. I have been paying for tablets (Brain Child) for the past two months, which are supposed to improve concentration and behavior. I have done everything apart from physically hitting him or playing the emotional blackmail card – I don’t believe in either one of these (is that where I am going wrong?).

Someone suggested that I have him tested for ADHD, but I have no medical aid and can’t afford it.

Guys, seriously, if you could see me now, you would understand. I am in a heap on the bathroom floor, crying my eyes out.

What do I do?